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Welcome to Saanich Peninsula Presbyterian Church. Unfortunately, under the present circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot meet in person, but we can continue to worship and minister as the church of Jesus Christ. Our worship takes place at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday morning and we invite you to join us each week as we continue to explore and follow the Word of God.

We hope that in the coming months we may once more join in worship and fellowship in our sanctuary. Until then, please stay safe.

This Week's Service - "Why Do You Stand"

News for May 16

The lovely spring weather continues and we are surrounded by blossoms and greenery. Out behind the house our vegetable garden has exploded; we are eating homegrown salads almost every day, and our parsley looks like a small bush! Life, apparently, goes on fine despite the pandemic. Alas, there is no end in sight for the restrictions, though they are presently set to expire on May 25. Who knows? With falling infection numbers and increased vaccination rates, we may soon be permitted to open our doors in a limited fashion. We shall certainly keep you all posted. In the interim our streaming service continues and, I am sure you will agree, our audio/video crew is making it all look and sound increasingly professional.

You can access the live stream of our worship via the button above (if no live stream is currently waing or showing, this will take you to our SPPC video channel instead). The stream starts with the organ prelude shortly before the service at 10:00 a.m.

Our readings this week are:

Acts 1:1–11

Psalm 47

Ephesians 1:15–23

Luke 24:44–53

It has been a rather busy week this week in the office. In addition to the special presbytery meeting on Tuesday, which generated a certain amount of further activity, preparations are underway for the General Assembly of The Presbyterian Church in Canada. This takes place at the beginning of next month. You might remember that last year's assembly was cancelled due to the pandemic, so this year the church is attempting to meet online, which is a challenging thing to do even at a Presbytery level. I have been named as a commissioner this year and there is a lot of preparatory work to be done, especially because it is to be run online. I do ask you to pray for the commissioners as well as the assembly staff and presenters in the coming weeks, as our decisions affect our entire Presbyterian Church.

Please take care of yourselves and one another. Pray for one another and remember to love your neighbour.

May God bless you all!

News for May 9

I hope everyone is keeping well as the weather gradually warms and spring progresses. Though the pandemic continues to hem us in and separate us, it is nice to be able to get out and enjoy the beauty of creation that God has surrounded us with here on the Peninsula, and in Greater Victoria. Diane and I are now making a habit of getting out for evening walks, usually around Saanichton, though we have gone further afield (as the photo from the Ogden Point Pier attests). I've been happy to see some of you out enjoying walks in Sidney in the last weeks.

Our other concession to spring is our son's baseball; he now has practices four evenings a week, though, sadly, it's unlikely that COVID-19 will allow him any actual games. So many wonderful activities have suffered through this past year.

Worship continues to feel very strange without you there. I am very happy that we have been able to improve our streaming service and am incredibly grateful to our audio-visual technician's, Josh and Peter, for their increasing expertise in bringing it to you. Hopefully, when we've got it all worked out others will take the opportunity to learn how to use the system too.

The live stream of our worship service may be accessed via the button above (if there is no live stream waiting, it will take you to our SPPC video channel instead, where you will find our previous services). The stream starts a few minutes before the service (which begins at 10:00 a.m.), with the prelude. This also gives us the chance to check that everything is running properly.

Our readings this week are :

Acts 10:44–48

Psalm 98

1 John 5:1–6

John 15:9–17

This week we ask you to pray for the Presbytery of Vancouver Island which likely meets (via Zoom) on Tuesday to process the calling of a minister to St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Duncan.

Watch over one another and take care. Our care for one another on the Island seems to be paying off as the case numbers once again drop and we may look forward with hope to meeting in person in worship and fellowship once more.

News for May 2

The month of May has finally arrived, and with that, we are now already one third through this year of 2021. And what a strange year it has been for us, with the ongoing lockdowns that keep us from one another and prevent us from meeting as a congregation in our sanctuary. Fortunately, modern technology has at least allowed us to share our worship over the internet. I remember last year at this time we were enduring our first round of lockdown, but looking forward to the possibility of reopening in a month or so. Curiously, we find ourselves in much the same place once more, hopeful that the third wave of COVID will abate, that enough of us will be able to get our vaccinations and that we will be able to reopen our doors in the coming months.

In the meantime, we continue to broadcast our service via our Youtube Channel. The live stream may be accessed via the button above. The service starts at 10:00 a.m., though the stream will, as usual, start a few minutes early with the prelude.

We have been working hard through the week, becoming more familiar with our new audio-visual system and hopefully improving our video and sound in the next weeks.

Our readings this week are:

Acts 8:26–40 - Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch

Psalm 22:25–31

1 John 4:7–21 - God is Love

John 15:1–8 - "I am the true vine"

We thank you for your prayers for Session this past week. We had an extensive discussion about the results of the survey that so many of you participated in and you will be receiving a summary from your elder in the next few days.

Please take care of yourselves and one another in the coming weeks. Our COVID numbers are falling and vaccinations are rising, so we may look with hope to the day we may meet again.

News for April 25

Alea iacta est! Pacific Audio Works completed the installation of our new sound, video and streaming system this week and so this Sunday we are committed to trying it out. It will take some practice for us to run it smoothly, but we hope you will notice the improvement in quality immediately. Fortunately, we have a few old hands—Josh Smith and Peter Cunningham—who will take a crack at making it all work tomorrow. Please bear with us if we encounter any surprises. Seeing the system up and running certainly does make me even more grateful for the hard work of Peter Aggus, who ran the video-streaming system for us the last 6 months using a temporary set-up. Also, we can always use more volunteers, so please let us know if you would be interested in being trained to use of the equipment. Honestly, it's a lot of fun to work with.

As you have probably noticed, we have revamped our website this week as well. It is much easier to keep up to date so make sure you visit regularly to see what's new. It is fairly plain at the moment, but we will be adding features in the coming weeks.